Malas Galore!

Featured here are just a few of the mala options, currently or soon to be available through Marshmallow Heart Shop on Etsy.

All malas contain 108 beads which are knotted by hand using 6mm gemstone beads selected for their colour and gemstone properties. Most beads are shiny polished, with the exception of Amazonite, which I prefer in a matte finish to showcase the beauty of each individual stone bead. Wood beads are aromatic Cedarwood .

A gemstone mala can be heavy with 108 beads and 3″ silk tassel (wire wrapped in sterling silver) when worn all day. I use 6mm beads as I find they fit nicely between the fingers for meditation and also because the intention is that the mala be worn or kept throughout the day. This sizing makes for a beautiful piece of jewellery that doesn’t overwhelm the wearer. Your mala is a beautiful piece of jewellery, but also serves as a gentle reminder of your daily objective of self-reflection and contemplation.

All malas are handknotted using nylon thread for strength and durability but also to maintain the beautiful drape that malas are know for. Each tassel is hand made using heavier weight silk (which makes for a full bodied tassel) and wire wrapped in sterling silver with a heart charm (representing your Marshmallow Heart purchase!)

Malas hang about 18″ but length can vary depending on the length of the tassel.

Anything seen here can be reproduced with customizations as to gemstone choice, guru bead, silk tassel colour and length, or gemstone and wood bead combinations.

Enjoy and Namaste!



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