About Me


Namaste fellow creative heart!

I have always loved being creative. It is this love, of making things with my hands that has really helped me get through some trying times in life. Whether it is oil or acrylic painting, watercolour, learning a new language or achieving my black belt in karate, I am most happy and at peace when I am learning. Being a student at heart, I attempt every new technique from first principles, honing my skills with increasingly challenging projects. The idea of learning something new or working with a new gemstone or material is unbelievably exciting for me! Making jewellery is a natural extension of my love of expressing myself through a creative outlet, and has become a meditative outlet for me.

I am a self-taught artisan, training myself through constant research and practice, using various sources of information to improve my technique. For practice, I have been designing and making my own jewellery for several years. When it comes to materials, I am completely humbled by the stunning treasures created by Earth. I attempt to showcase the beauty of each stone, in the most simple way. By highlighting a stone’s innate natural beauty, I find results in jewellery that is delicate and ethereal. This line consists of pieces that I design and wear myself, using only high quality materials like sterling silver, silk, Amethyst, Citrine, Smoky Quartz, Turquoise, and Pearl, to name a few elements.

The malas I create are based on the natural wood and rudraksha malas I received as child, and still cherish today. I am building on that foundation by hand knotting natural stones on nylon thread. I have inexplicably been drawn to natural stones for their earthy and organic origins and incorporate different stones together to showcase their individual beauty. With handmade silk tassels, wire wrapped in sterling silver, these malas have become handcrafted works of art with a much deeper compelling meaning to each individual wearer. Especially in today’s existence where life moves so quickly, your mala can be worn as a beautiful piece of jewellery or a gentle reminder of your positive intentions towards self reflection.

Take your time and browse, maybe something will catch your eye. Or follow my site to stay apprised of new creations! I’d love to hear from you through my Contact section.

Optionally, please visit my store on Etsy at Marshmallow Heart Shop for more information on a specific piece or to make a purchase.